Forest, bear, and me

The forest sector’s contribution to sustainability of the built environment in Alpine Europe

While sunshine filtering through leaves and branches, I was making my ways to the forest. I walked carefully through naturally grown young trees that look so fragile and self-fallen trees decorated with moss and fungi. Guided by the green bear paw signs on the trees which showed up from time to time,I was not worried about getting lost at all and were fascinated to explore the buffering area of virgin forest Rajhenavski Rog in Slovenia.

The heroic story were still lingering in my mind,imagining 25 partisans were hidden in this forest fighting against Nazi and a surgeon from New Zealand having operations in the middle of the forest to save lifes in World War II.

I reached a tall tree with a sign marking the border of the reserved virgin forest. At this point, no one is allowed to step further without special permit.

Wind were singing softly and leaves…

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