Day 10: Wood Technology 

The forest sector’s contribution to sustainability of the built environment in Alpine Europe

Destination: Castelnuovo & Cavalese, Italy


We were leaving Venice in the morning to have some visits. The first destination was a visit to Xlam Domoliti, a company of that produces structural elements in wood such as Cross Laminated Timber (CLT).

Since the journey was quite long, we then stopped by for having a lunch. The place is amazing with hills backdrop.


We arrived in Xlam Domoliti to find that they have prepared delicious snacks and special local drinks for us.

We then had a tour and technical explanations about their products.


Our second destination is a visit to Magnifica Comunità della Val di Fiemme, who managed their own natural resources such as forests and woods. These are explanations about the community from

“The people of Val di Fiemme attachment to their territory and their tendency to self-government are the fundamentals of…

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