Day 3c: Virgin Forest

The forest sector’s contribution to sustainability of the built environment in Alpine Europe

Destination: Kočevje, Slovenia


We had a lunch in a Slovenian restaurant nearby. It was 3 course meals with authentic Slovenian dishes.


As a country with more than 60 % of forested land from its total land, Slovenia has a vast area of virgin forest.

We were welcomed by Slovenian Foresty Service who explained the history of the virgin forest and the practice of general forestry in Slovenia.

Then, we walked to the border of virgin forest nearby Croatia border.

This area is famous with brown bears. We even saw the track with paw bear as the sign on the trees.

We also went to see The Queen of The Rog that is 500 years old. The diameter is huge. You can see the comparison when I tried to hug it.

Pardon for some photos with me inside -the blogger-

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