Day 3b: Wooden Kindergarten

The forest sector’s contribution to sustainability of the built environment in Alpine Europe

Destination: Ribnica, Slovenia

Our second destination is a public kindergarten in The Municipality of Ribnica.

We were welcomed by the kindergarten manager. They also gave us cool fish pins! They were so cute.

As one of their projects, this is what Riko Hiše wrote in their web about this building:

“The entire kindergarten facility is designed to allow two-phase construction. The nursery, which was settled by the end of October 2013, was built in 15 months in cooperation with local partners following the architectural solution of the Arhi-turo Bureau. The construction company of the kindergarten is the Municipality of Ribnica. This kindergarten is one of the largest low-energy kindergartens in Slovenia.”

We went through some classes from early age to older kids. The building is divided into wings for classes with same room size and types but with distinct colors.

There is a spacious outdoor area for playing in…

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