Day 3a: Wooden House Manufacturer

Day 3 🙂

The forest sector’s contribution to sustainability of the built environment in Alpine Europe

Destination: Ribnica, Slovenia


Riko Hiše is an international wooden house manufacturer based in Slovenia. We visited their business unit in Ribnica, 1.5 hours driving from Ljubljana. They have a variety of products, for a variety of buildings types.

We had the Sales Manager as our guide. He firstly showed the business meeting place where there are some samples of their products.

As a Slovenian company, they have a challenge of a limited domestic market. Therefore they do a lot of export and import activities since they buy material from Austria and Germany, and then have overseas customers such as in Italy, France, UK, and Switzerland.

We then met the design team. I would call them the bridge between dreams and reality since their job is redrawing building design plan from architects that represent the clients to the company’s (wood) technology department.

From the office, we…

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