Day 2b: Picturesque Lake 

Still about Day 2

The forest sector’s contribution to sustainability of the built environment in Alpine Europe

Destination: Bled, Slovenia


What is glamping? Well, it is a new word for glamour camping. A new kind of travel style when you can stay in the tent with a luxury furniture inside. Glamping is a way to experience the great outdoors experience without sacrificing luxury.

We visited Garden Village Bled to see what it’s like to do glamping nearby Lake Bled. We were amazed for its wooden architecture.

In the restaurant, they have cool tables with live grass and plants on them.

Outside the restaurant, there is a pool with river and hill view.

They also have a space for fireplace.

In this accommodation, you can rent bikes to explore the area.

They have a variety of accommodation types from tree houses to tents in the river side. Some of them were captured in these pictures.

We also had a chance to see what is…

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