Day 2a: Back to nature

Day 2 🙂

The forest sector’s contribution to sustainability of the built environment in Alpine Europe

Destination: Martuljek, Slovenia


After having breakfast in the accommodation, we went to the Alps by bus. It was an hour driving. I was quite sleepy in the beginning but then totally awake because of a magnificent scenery of Alpine. Snowy mountain with greenery grass view from bus windows made me curious. What is waiting for me over there.

We started to walk from the parking lot and saw some of the interesting things along the way. Like this bridge with a mountain backdrop.

We took a pathway under the bridge. It was a very nice walk with a clear blue sky.

Sometimes, we spotted some of the native plants on the side of our paths. Here in this picture, Sara, a participant from Slovenia, explained what is the plant to her US colleagues.

“Ah, here we are.” Sara said while pointing our spot on the sign…

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