Day 1: Europe Acclimatization 

Last month I had an exciting opportunity to join a Faculty-led summer course about Forest Sector Contributions in Alpine countries. I posted some of my experience in the blog in which I will repost in here. Check them out 🙂

The forest sector’s contribution to sustainability of the built environment in Alpine Europe

Destination: Ljubljana, Slovenia

Day 1 is always interesting especially in terms of travelling experience. Some of us have been in Europe for a while, maximizing the opportunity of exploration by affordable but good transportation. Some have just came today. Some others even still stuck in the overseas airport.


At 4 pm, we met in the terrace. We did a brief introduction before having a walk around Ljubljana city center. Each person said his / her name and which institution they came from.


We were walking from our accommodation to the city center 20 minutes after. We were lucky to have a local guide, Crtomir, so that we can understand a little piece of Ljubljana history.

We made stops along the way to hear some explanations of the buildings that we saw. This photo had taken before we crossed the famous Dragon Bridge.

We also…

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