Hotel that was once a Dutch army headquarter in Indonesia

Well, this is the first time I was attracted staying at old building. Usually, I choose the modern hotel with minimalist style. The reason is because of its history. This hotel was once the headquarter of the Dutch army during the war. It is said that we still can see some bullet holes.

Gallery Hotel Kresna is the only four star hotel in Wonosobo city center.
Copied from their website, the hotel is a reincarnation of the Grand Hotel Dieng, that was established in 1917.


Grand Hotel Dieng formerly run by a family from the Netherland and as a stopover for Europeans especially Dutch who will visit Dieng plateau. In the Dieng Plateau besides its natural beauty can also be encountered any Hindu temples from the 7th century. Enshrinement complex was first discovered by Dutch archeologist HC Cornelius in 1814. At that time the enshrinement areas still inundated with water, and in 1856 the temple complex was dried and then reported to Holland. Since then Dieng attract people to visit.
This opportunity is apparently read by JW Muthert by establishing Grand Hotel Dieng. Several well known figures who had spent the night here include: Princes Astrid of Belgium Twice, The King of Siam Prince and Princes Rabibadhana, Charley Chaplin, Mr. Sukarno Indonesia’s  first President, Her Royal Highness Sirindhorn of Thailand, Mr. Yudhoyono  today’s Indonesia President etc.
One day JW Muthert family went to the Netherland and at the same time broke the Second World War so they never return back to Indonesia.
Until now almost a century we are still witnessing the splendor of Grand Hotel Dieng.


The floor and ceiling of the restaurant is still original and its Gebyog has been hundreds of years old.
At certain times at the lobby area we could hear the Gamelan music from the 18th Century “Kyai Mega Mendung”. It is said that formerly played Gamelan is to call rain.


In that time, I stayed at superior room. The room is without AC (it’s quite okay considering Wonosobo climate) and still using old fashioned key 🙂



Besides breakfast, I also ate dinner in their restaurant. The area is located near lobby and swimming pool.



Wait…there is Wonosobo Gin Sling ! Hahaha…it seems Singapore Sling has its influence 🙂
I didn’t try the sling even I want to. Instead, I ordered Dieng Sunrise Cocktail, non alcoholic mix juice. Good choice to accompany my spagheti.

The next morning, I stopped by in the Wonosobo city center.


And look what I found nearby…


Mushroom satay !
The dishes using white mushroom that is skrewed and grilled as ordinary satay.
It’s yummy and cheap. Only Rp 7000 or USD $ 60 cents.

Next time I visit Wonosobo, I want to go to Sikunir, the spot to see golden sunrise. Will write about it in other article 🙂

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