Fish and tofu soup

Another very easy food to be cooked, Fish and tofu soup.

Difficulties level: 2 of 10.

Fish and tofu soup


1. Fish with spices in the cans (there are some varieties of fish: tuna, sardine, mackerel, etc ; you can choose any)

2. Plain tofu

3. Spring onion

4. Fish stock (optional)

5. Canola oil

6. Sweet soy sauce (optional)


1. Slice the tofu

2. Slice the spring onion

How to cook:

1. Heat the pan with a little bit oil

2. Add the fish, reduce the heat

3. Add the tofu

4. If the soup that comes with the canned fish is not enough, add water

5. If you add water, use fish stock to keep the soup tasty

6. Add sweet soy sauce (optional)

7. Slowly bring the soup to a boil over low heat

8. Add the spring onion

9. Done


Tips: If you like, you can add cabbage. More veggies are better for your health 🙂


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