Addington Coffee Co-op: a ‘fair’ cafe

Addington coffee co-op

Called the best coffee and one of the city’s best dining places in Christchurch, New Zealand, by Lonely Planet, Addington Coffee Co-op is definitely worth to be visited.

The business, which is including café, Laundromat, and souvenir shop, is well decorated with many natural light windows and chic furnitures. You will feel homey with the layout. Housed in a former mechanics workshop, the café has large room and spacious car park.

Interestingly, they put some flags hanging in the ceilings, including Indonesian flag. When I asked the owner, he said he put flags from where he gets coffee beans, and that’s including Indonesia. He explains further that they only use certified Fair trade bean. Why Fair trade? Because they want to help coffee farmers to get a ‘fair’ guaranteed price. With this standard of money, the farmers can earn enough for their livelihood. So while you are sitting and enjoying your ‘luxury’, you know that you help poor people back there.

Although the café is busy and full of customers, you still can feel a warm welcoming and relaxing environment. I ordered a glass of cappuccino to accompany my day. The coffee presentation is great with a good size. The smell is fresh because they roasted coffee beans on-site. In addition to this, they do make beautiful dishes. Try Moroccan Lamb! That was the best lamb dishes that I have tried ever in New Zealand. So yummy with appropriate amount of juicy and spices.

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