What need to prepare before your departure to study in New Zealand’s universities

So…after you’ve got your scholarship and funding (related article: how to get scholarship? & tanya jawab beasiswa New Zealand), what you need to do?

Of course you need to prepare, but what kind of things?

Check these out before your departure:

#1 Check your scholarship and funding

Make sure that you are fully understand what are your scholarship offered. If there is a doubt, contact them.

#2 Check your courses in the universities

Contact people from your universities. My recommendation is contact the international relations first, then your department/faculty/school.

#3 Contact your colleagues

This will make your journey easier. You can contact Indonesian student association (PPI) in your university. I’m sure they will be more than happy helping you.

#4 Get a student visa

Based on my experience, getting a student visa to study in NZ is not difficult. The key is your health examination in hospitals. Be prepared for that: sleep enough, drink a lot of water, and stop smoking.

Link from immigration: http://www.immigration.govt.nz/migrant/stream/study/

#5 Manage your flight

Choose the most suitable flight, if you are not sure, seek information from your university and colleagues. The airways that have Indonesia-New Zealand (semi) direct flight are: Singapore Airlines, Qantas and Jetstar.

The ideal time is you should come 2 weeks before your starting courses date. This allows you to adapt and seek accommodation. You also need to arrange the airport pick up. If possible ask somebody from university or your colleagues.

#6 Check orientation and enrollment time

These are important steps to guide you entering the campus life. Make your efforts to attend all of the meetings. You will surprise how much information that you will get.

#7 Manage (temporary) accommodation

Getting the right accommodation is tricky. My recommendation is find your temporary accommodation first, then use your first weeks to find ones.

A good website to find accommodation is: http://www.trademe.co.nz/ (go to “Flatmates wanted” category if you don’t mind flatting; or go to “Real Estate” category if you prefer a home).

#8 Check the quarantine and bio-security regulations

NZ’s quarantine and bio-security regulations are some of the strictest in the world.  Don’t forget to carefully read the form they give you and declare anything if you have any doubts at all. Be careful about fresh fruit you may have been given on the plane – you can be fined as much as $200 just for a single apple!

#9 Check the customs

It is worth checking the following NZ Customs website: http://www.customs.govt.nz/default.htm.  If you’re bringing any new items (e.g. clothing, bedding, household items, computer etc), make sure you bring receipts, showing proof of purchase, with you.  You could be charged GST (Goods and Services Tax) and a duty tax as well if Customs suspects that you are bringing in anything to sell.  (and it can be difficult convincing Customs that you are bringing it in for your own use!)

#10 Bring a cash

Make sure you bring at least NZ$100 in cash with you, or the equivalent in a foreign currency which you can change at the airport bank when you get off the plane.

Last but not least, there are plenty of websites that are helpful. Some of them are:




  1. thanks for the info, I’m anxious about the medical checkup because I have been having migraine lately due to passive smoking. Hopefully eating tolak angin twice a day will increase my body’s stamina, at least till the medical check is covered.

  2. Hi Pipiet, Thanks udah bagi bagi info NZ scholarshipnya 😉
    Saya juga tertarik untuk ikut program New Zealand Asean Scholar Awards, but I can’t find any info tentang besar nominal beasiswanya, mencukupi ga ya, untuk biaya hidup saya sendiri selama belajar disana, karena khawatir masih harus tambah tambah lagi T_T

    1. Hi Bella,

      Kebetulan memang saya tidak menaruh besaran uangnya di sini, yang jelas besarannya cukup untuk single.
      Nah, kalau mau bawa keluarga, baru harus bekerja cari tambahan.

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