Indonesian Student International Conference (KIPI) 2012, Brisbane Australia

Last month, with the support from Indonesian Embassy for New Zealand, I’ve got a wonderful opportunity to meet my Indonesian colleagues from all over the world in Indonesian Student International Conference / Konferensi Internasional Pelajar Indonesia (KIPI) 2012. I went there as a representative from Indonesian Students Association in New Zealand / Perhimpunan Pelajar Indonesia Selandia Baru (PPISB). This conference were held from 3 to 5 October 2012 in St. Lucia Campus, University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia.

KIPI was a biennial conference by Perhimpunan Pelajar Indonesia Australia (PPIA) to bring together all aspirations and thoughts of Indonesia students and scholars abroad. The first KIPI was held in Sydney in 2007 with a theme: “Developing Competitiveness in Indonesia’s Human Resource: Stay Overseas or Return Home?”. In 2010, PPIA has successfully organised an International Conference in Victoria University Melbourne with theme “Thinking of Home While Away: The Contribution of Indonesian Students Studying Overseas for Education in Indonesia“.

This year, KIPI had theme” The Best Indonesian Scholars’ Innovative Ideas for the World”.  In KIPI 2012, PPIA aims to collect any creative and innovative ideas from Indonesian scholars abroad, and create a strong link of those selected ideas with entrepreneurship and industrial world. PPIA expects that some bright ideas from KIPI 2012 could provide few examples on how collaboration between Indonesian scholar’s research abroad and private sectors and industrial sector can be beneficial to contribute in improving current and future world.

In KIPI 2012, Perhimpunan Pelajar Indonesia Selandia Baru (PPISB) has opportunity to participate as initial networking with PPI in another country, especially PPIA as the nearest geographically neighbour. The conference was attended by PPI from 11 countries (Australia, India, Inggris, Italia, Jerman, Korea Selatan, Malaysia, Rusia, Singapura, Turki and Selandia Baru) and students and lecturers from Indonesia’s universities.

The event was opened by Deputy Chief of Mission, Indonesian Embassy for Australia, Mrs. Wiwiek Setyawati Firman with welcoming remarks from Dean of Graduate School of University of Queensland, Prof. Zlatko Skrbis, and President of Indonesian Student Association in Australia (PPI Australia), Bagus Nugroho.

Before presentation, there was a Public Lecture on ‘Research Commercialisation’ by Manager of Innovation and Commercial Development Science, Dr Simon Cashion. UniQuest is one of Australia’s leading research commercialisation companies, specialising in global technology transfer and facilitating access for all business sectors to world class university expertise, intellectual property and facilities (

Then, there were presentations that were divided into  4 themes:

  • Theme 1: Poverty Alleviation
  • Theme 2: Mitigating International Pandemic
  • Theme 3: Maintain World Sustainability and Responding to Climate Change and Variability
  • Theme 4: World Food SecurityI

After presentations, we had some tips and tricks how to speak (general public speaking) and present our research with Eko Junor.

In the next day, there was a talk show on ‘Researchpreneurship’, an idea about combining the research and the entrepreneurship spirits.

The event was then closed by project coordinator of KIPI 2012, Rino Nugroho.

Photo courtesy of Adriana Sau.


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