Experiencing Antartic in IceFest


This event was a month-long festival celebrating the New Zealand – Antarctic relationship, located in Hagley Park Events Village which was transformed into ‘Hagley Park Ice Station’.

According to scoop.co.nz (2012), these were records of the fun at the festival:
• 12,000 ice – skaters on the ice-themed outdoor rink
• 10,000 people through the STILL LIFE: Inside the Antarctic Huts of Scott and Shackleton experience
• Over 100 featured guests in the programme in the 100th year since Scott’s expedition
• 95 of these were speakers at the University of Canterbury (my university 😀 ) Geo Dome many of whom have international experience in Antarctic research, science, law or politics
• 60 guests to the festival were international delegates
• 95 individual events or exhibits
• 150 litres of mulled wine was consumed

This was a huge event and I was proud being a part (visitor) of it 😀 Please let me write my experience in this event.

Before I explored the venue, I made my ‘Antarctic passport’ which gives me plenty to look at. It was fun to make passport photo in the photo box with ‘whatever’ style 😀 The venue map was:

After my passport ready, I went to ‘Still Life: Inside the Antarctic Huts of Scott and Shackleton’, a visual and sensory experience capturing the landscape, isolation and the lives of the men in Antarctic. Then, I went to UC Geo Dome where I can wear the Antarctic clothing, enter the tents and explorer gear, as well as being able to check out the vehicles used on the ice.

Sssttt…this clothing was so warm and heavy, it looks like you are wearing a sleeping bag on your body 😀

I also had a chit-chat with an  Antartic researcher. She told me her experience living in extreme condition, drinking rain water, and cooking instant food which only available in 3 different taste (OMG, I cannot imagine I eat the same instant food every single day only with 3 variety of taste 😦 ).

Then, I went outside and saw this

Ice Skating !!! yayyyy…but wait, too many people in there, oh no I cannot embarrassed myself ( I still cannot do ice skating without a helper :p ). But then, I met these cute dogs

No, they are not husky…they are Alaskan malamute, working dogs in Antartic. Look at them, how can I’m not falling in love with them?

I closed my experience with a drink from The Scott Base Cafe and Bar. Cheers, mate!


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