Cuddling koala and feeding kangaroo

Last weekend, I went to Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary. What made me interested going here? Mainly because I want to hug koala 😀

For me, visiting Australia means I must do 3 things : (1) smiling in front of Sydney Opera House, (2) cuddling koala, and (3) feeding kangaroo.

No 1 was checked. In fact, I even was so lucky can celebrate New Year Eve in Sydney Opera House. So at my second time in Australia, I wanted to do no 2 and 3 in my wishlist.

When I searched on Google, Lone Pine was ranked #4 of 125 attractions in Brisbane in Tripadvisor and one of the Top 10 Zoos in the world.

Lone Pine, founded in 1927, is the world’s oldest and largest Koala sanctuary. With the motto The earth is not only for humans“, visitors can cuddle koala at anytime, feed kangaroos and lorikeets, meet platypus, and many more interesting activities with Australian natives animal.

Here are my photos with them…they are so cuteee 😀



  1. Wah sukurnya sempet main ke Queensland yah, jadi bisa meluk koala hihihihi… *karena setauku di NSW dan beberapa state lain kita nggak bisa memegang binatang, apalagi meluk hehehehehe…*

  2. Hehehe…iya, karena sudah tahu bahwa cuma di Lone Pine qta bisa meluk koala, makanya dibela-belain ke sana 🙂 Si koala lucu banget, bulunya lembut persis kaya boneka.

      1. Ini koalanya digilir Chit, mana yang bisa dipeluk-peluk dan difoto. Ada itungannya tuh, berapa menit nya. Tapi memang ni koala lucu banget mukanya, hihihi 😀

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