New Zealand Institute of Forestry (NZIF) conference

With the funding that I got from New Zealand School of Forestry-University of Canterbury, I participated in New Zealand Institute Forestry (NZIF) conference, which was held from 1 – 4 July 2012 in Christchurch, New Zealand. The theme for the conference is “Engineering value: Growing & Harvesting Forests for Novel Wood Structures” which has been divided into 3 sub-themes : (1) Forest growing; (2) Forest harvesting, roading and infrastructure; and (3) Engineered wood products – building the future of forestry.

I displayed my research poster and made a presentation.

This annual conference was opened by the Minister for Primary Industries, the Hon David Carter. Then, it was continued by keynote speakers, one for each of the three sub-themes of the conference.

In the last day, we had a field trip to Bottle Lake Forest, University of Canterbury and Christchurch CBD. Although it was raining and very cold, we were excited. The first trip was started at the recycling area  in Bottle Lake Forest, where thousands of tonnes of demolition rubble (because of Christchurch earthquakes) are being sorted for recycling.

After that, we visited a mechanised harvesting operation using the latest optimiser software developed by Warratah Forestry Services and a demonstration of Fibre-gen’s Hitman tool.

After lunch, we continued our field trip and visited wooden buildings in University of Canterbury: Sustainable Buildings of the Future (STIC) buliding and the new Student Center of University of Canterbury (the old one has been closed due to the earthquakes).

Then we went to Christchurch CBD to have a tour round the edges of the CBD red zone of Christchurch, guided by a Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority (CERA) representative. This was not my first tour in the red zone area, but it still made me feel very sad. Last but not least, we went to Epic Center which is built by Timbercore using extensive wood with gluelam beams.

All of the pictures were being photographed by Adriana Sau. Thanks mate!

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