Bandung’s culinary: Warung Talaga

After 15 months, I go back to Indonesia for conducting a research, and of course for ‘culinary’ reason 😀

I always miss Indonesian traditional food. They are very rich with spices, make them tasteful and delicious…

Because of its geography, Indonesia has a great variety of traditional food. From hot until mild, from soup until fried, from vegetables until meat…everything is here…

This time, I will tell you about Sundanese food. Sundanese is people who originally come from West of Java Island. In Bandung, a capital city of West Java Province, Indonesia, I went to Warung Talaga who is famous with its concept, “Uniquely Tofu”. As their concept, they cook tofu to become variety of snacks. They also provide other traditional Sundanese food and beverages.

The first thing that makes me wanna try this restaurant is the place. It is decorated as warung, traditional place to eat in Java. I give 4 stars for the atmosphere. Very homey 🙂

They also provide free Wi-fi and you can easily find plug here, so you can bring your laptop and browsing, blogging, facebooking while you are eating 🙂

I ordered Sekoteng, Nasi Bumbung (Bumbung Rice), Teh Susu (Milk Tea), and Tahu Blethok (Blethok Tofu) … (in the picture: from left to right).

Sekoteng is a ginger drink mixed with green beans, peanuts, and breads. Usually being served as hot drink in the night time.

Bumbung Rice is white rice which is cooked in bamboo. This different way of cooking makes it more flavorful. If you order bumbung rice, the waiter/waitress will bring the rice in the bamboo, and he/she will open the rice in front of you. Exciting…

Blethok tofu is similar with aci tofu. The tofu with flour are being fried and usually eaten with soybean sauce and green chili.

For the food and beverage, I give 4 stars as well.

In addition, I have impression that this place has strong concept which makes it very attractive in the competitive food business. Their other excellence is the service, they have very nice and friendly waiter and waitress 😀

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