Celebrating New Year’s Eve in Sydney, Australia

I know this is not a perfect time writing about New Year. It should be something about Valentine…(should I?) since a few days ago was Valentine’s day…But because I didn’t have something special to do in that day (except a dinner in cafe 🙂 ), I am more keen to share with you about my experience celebrating New Year’s Eve in overseas 😀

I started 2012 with a famous fireworks party  with another 2 million visitors in Sydney Harbour. It was awesome (and crowded) !

31 DECEMBER 2011

I think everybody knows about Sydney, the biggest city in Australia, who has Opera House as its landmark. It was a magical feeling when I saw the Opera House for the first time from the sky before my plane was landed.

We (me and my husband) arrived in Sydney at 31 December 2011. This city is the ‘conclusion’ of our Australia trip. After visited Gold Coast, Brisbane, and Melbourne, I decided to celebrate New Year in Sydney which has an annual mega event of New Year’s Eve with its fireworks.

We flew from Melbourne to Sydney by Tiger Airways, with the cheapest flight that I could find for that day 😀 (cheap is good…for my wallet :D). From the airport, we went to the accommodation by foot. Hotel Formule 1 Sydney Airport, our accommodation, is only a ten minute walk from the domestic terminal airport so we don’t need to take an airport shuttle bus which will cost us AUD$8 one way for one person.

After taking a shower and having a rest, we went to Sydney Harbour by train. When we reached the harbour, the crowd already formed and the gates were almost closed.

Unfortunately, we were too late to get a good spot to take a picture of fireworks. I heard that for the best spot, people even stayed and slept in tent from the night before (crazy aye?!).

However, we still enjoyed the atmosphere…people were so excited and they knew exactly how to enjoy the party.

The events were divided into 5 shows:

1) 6 pm : Pre-show entertainment, with the aerial flyovers above the Sydney Harbour for signaling the start of the 2011 New Year’s Eve celebrations

2) 8 pm : Acknowledgement of country, when Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander made a smoking ceremony as a sign to clear the negative spirits

3) 9 pm : Family Fireworks, which has been designed and choreographed specifically for children since many parents said that the midnight fireworks were too late for kids

4) 9.15 – 11.30 pm : Harbour of Light Parade,  an amazing parade of illuminated vessels in the Sydney Harbour area

5) and then…at 12 pm, Sydney celebrated the start of 2012 with a Midnight fireworks which was launched from the rooftops of seven city skyscrapers and, ofcourse, from Sydney Harbour Bridge. This spectacular display is the reason why Sydney is called as the New Year’s Eve capital of the world.

(the photos above are taken from http://www.sydneynewyearseve.com/)

1 JANUARY 2012

Because we could not enter Sydney Opera House in the night before (the area were booked for VVIP guests), we decided to go there (again) before our flight to Christchurch.

This time, we took many pictures of us with the remarkable Sydney Opera as the background 😀 Something that impossible to do in the day before.

Time went fast when we were in Sydney. With a lot of photos in the camera, we were ready to go home.

Bye bye Australia, thank you for having us during 2011’s Christmas and 2012’s New Year…There’s nothing like you 😀


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