Brisbane, Australia’s New World City

During my holiday to Gold Coast ( ), I visited my best friend in Brisbane, a city which is being the third most popular destination in Australia for overseas tourists, after Sydney and Melbourne. You can check what’s going on in Brisbane through this link:

Brisbane and Gold Coast are well-connected because of their distance. I chose using train by TransLink which only take approximately 1 hour. With one way single ticket paper for adult, I paid AUD $ 12.4 through a machine in front of the train station (For travelling around Brisbane city, I recommend using ‘go card’, an electronic ticket that you can use for all of TransLink bus, train and ferry services. The link is: ).

If you are in Brisbane, try their ferry services, City Cat and City Ferry. These local transportations are famous as the city center lies along Brisbane river. No traffic jam will make sure that you are on your schedule 🙂 Both ferries serve different routes and stops. Because of limited time, I just tried the City Cat.

From Central Train Station, I went to Edward St, straight to Brisbane River. During my way, I saw Brisbane City Hall, a home of Brisbane City Council and Museum of Brisbane. The majestic European hall is completed with a kangaroo monument on its left. Because it was Christmas time, they put a large and tall Christmas tree (which is very good for your background travelling photos 😀 ).

The last stop of City Cat is University of Queensland (St. Lucia campus). I enjoyed walking in this campus. It is green and quiet. There are 2 bus stops in this area. If you want to continue your journey by bus, make sure you are in the right bus stop.

Because I only spent less than 24 hours in this city, I didn’t explore many things. But I am glad that I have been there during my Aussie trip. I hope that I can go again someday 🙂 Brisbane, wait for me!