Christmas and New Year Trip : Australia

Merry Christmas everyone! Have you wrapped all of your gifts?

I have given my self a very nice present for closing this year. I think I deserve it especially after many episodes of earthquakes in my first year in New Zealand (related article :

After almost a year living on the beautiful but shaky city, I decided to have a holiday in neighbour’s country, Australia. There are 2 main reasons why I want to go to Australia while I am in New Zealand:

  1. Cheaper ticket. Comparing with some domestic New Zealand flight and of course, comparing with flight from Indonesia (my native country), flights between New Zealand and Australia are cheaper.
  2. Easier to get visa. As Indonesian passport holder, it is easier to apply visa from New Zealand rather than from Indonesia (mainly because of the 2004 Australian embassy bombing in Jakarta).

The next thought was choosing the time when I go, which city that I visit and how long it would be. Since I haven’t ever been to Australia before, I want to go to the most popular city.

After considering my budget and holiday time, I finalized my itinerary: celebrating Christmas in Gold Coast, experiencing the Melbourne’s attractions, and finally, having New Year Eve in Sydney before going back to Christchurch.

So, in this Christmas Eve, I hope that the mother earth is friendly and quiet. No more jolt, please (I beg you). One more sleep and I will have my summer holiday in Australia, yay!

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